The Boston Opera House

OperaHouseThe Boston Opera House began it’s life as a Vaudeville Circuit Theatre in the 1920’s. It was designed as a mixture of Italian and French architecture. By the 1960’s it was a movie house until the Opera Company purchased it.

OperaHouse2In 2002, a major renovation occured that involved a rare assembly of old-world craftsmanship and highly-skilled trades went to work restoring sculptural plaster, gold leaf finishes, Carrara marble, paintings and tapestries, grand staircases, chandeliers, walnut and oak paneling. The restoration included replication of historic carpet, seating and silk wall panels. When the historic patterns for the silk wall panels proved too large for modern looms, a loom was custom-built to create the historic pattern.



Never Again

BoylstonOn Monday April 15th a tragedy like no other befell my beloved Boston. A week later the site of this horrible event is still deathly still, normally the busy center of the city.

Memorial 2Strangers from all over the world gathered to lay momentos and prayers. Boston Strong echoed across the land, even those damn NY Yankees paid us tribute.

NiketownA pile of chalk outside the closed Niketown store, allowed anyone that wanted, to leave a personal message of hope and support.

MemorialOne of the memorials was growing steadily and had to moved to a new location. Every piece of tribute was carefully replaced several blocks away. Stuffed animals, worn out running shows, Marathon medals, flowers, prayers all laid out with perfect respect.

DucklingEven the little ducklings of Boston’s Public Gardens showed their support. Duck You !