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Exploring The Marktplatz: Bremen Cathedral

The medieval market place in Bremen features many old and interesting buildings. In addition to the Rathaus, The Cathedral of St. Peter has 1200 years of history. Among it’s many treasures are the remains of the old choir stalls built in 1630. The oldest portion of the cathedral dates bate to the 11th century.

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Exploring The Marktplatz: The Guild Hall

Schutting sits across from the Rathaus. Built in the 1530s, it also had the first coffee shop in the German territories. Currenlty it houses the chamber of commerce.

The Flemish Renaissance building features the Bremen Merchants’s coats of arms and the Holy Roman Imperial Eagle.

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Beyond The Marktplatz: Muhle Am Wall

On the way back to the train station, you can find The mill “on the wall” is built on an octagonal base built in 1898. There have been a succession of windmills dating back to 1699.

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The Brementown Musicians

One of my favorite Brothers Grimm fairytales was The Brementown Musicians. Even though the title characters never made it to the town, you can still visit them in Bremen.

In the classic tale, a donkey, a rooster, a dog and a cat escape their respective abusive farmers and set out to become a famous group of musicians in the free city of Bremen. Along the way, they see a lit cottage and peer in the windows to see a band of thieves counting their ill-gotten treasures. They decide to scare the thieves and take over the cottage as there own. Once the thieves are chase off, they spend the rest of their days in the cottage, never making it to the city.

Next to the Rathaus or City Hall in Bremen is a scuplture depicting the musicians. Be sure to rub the Donkey’s leg for good luck.

In front of the Rathaus is the Hole of the Brementown Musicians. Toss a coin into the hole and hear one of the animals. Just look for the signs.

All around the town are representations of the musicians.

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