Give Kids The World for Christmas

Henri Landwirth’s “Give Kids The World” features a resort Give Kids The World Village an 89-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort in Central Florida. Children with critical illnesses and their families are treated to weeklong, cost-free vacations. Due to changes in the world because of COVID, this year, the village is lit with over a million lights. The product of hard work by all of the Central Florida community, this village takes on a truly sparkling holiday magic.

Night Of A Million Lights will run through Jan 3, 2021. For more information check out their website and order tickets.

Old Key West

Key West, the Southernmost city in the United States. Known for it’s nightlife, Ernest Hemingway and roaming chickens, Key West has something for everyone.

The Artist House is a Bed and Breakfast on Eaton Street right off of popular Duval St. This was the home of local artist, Robert Eugene Otto, called Gene. When Gene was a little boy one of the family’s servants gave him a rag doll. Gene and the doll, called Robert, were inseparable, and everywhere they went strange things happened.

When ever Gene got into trouble he would say “Robert did it”. His parents weren’t concerned until one day, they heard there son screaming in his locked room. There was a loud commotion coming from behind the door, the sounds of furniture being upended and thrown about. When they got the door unlocked, the room was a complete mess and Gene was cowering in a corner. This was not an isolated incident and at times, people heard Gene talking to Robert … and Robert would answer!

In later years, Gene’s wife relocated Robert to the attic, but passerby’s would often see Robert peering out of different windows in the house. Today, Robert now lives comfortably at The Martello Museum. If you visit Robert, be aware that many times when guests try to take his picture, the photos come out overexposed. Inside his glass enclosure, Robert changes positions.

You can visit and even stay at the Artist’s House today. Check out their website below.


Exploring The Grounds of Hogwarts

The lovely ladies of Beaux-Baton entertain a crowd of muggles with their ribbon dance.

More of the lovely ladies of Beaux-baton.

An impromptu concert by the Hogwarts Chorus.

The boys of Durmstrang perform some feats of strength.

The gentle Hippogriff sits quietly in it’s nest near Hagrid’s Cottage.

Miami at Christmas

Christmas in Florida is a unique experience.

The sun and surf are glorious, even in winter

Downtown Miami
Downtown Miami

The City of Miami is beautiful.


One of my favorite places to visit is Vizcaya. This magnificent mansion sits on the bay and features extravagant gardens.

Vizcaya Fountain
Vizcaya Fountain

I also spent time with friends at Cirque du Soliel.


And what would a trip to Miami be without a visit to South Beach ?


The Art Deco district is impressive by day…


and magical at night.