Bremerhaven, Germany

We bid a fond farewell to Hamburg and sailed along the coast to Bremerhaven. If you had any ancestors that arrived in the US from Europe, there is a very good chance that they travelled through Bremerhaven.
Bremerhaven has a long history of sailing ships. The German Maritime Museum was founded in 1971 to display the shipping history of Germany. This giant arm stands outside the main building.
Auswander Haus is the Imiigration Museum. You can research your own family tree, see what the living conditions were like on the transAtlantic voyage and explore the lives of other immigrants.
Walls of drawers hold information on passengers from all over Europe. Headsets along the wall relate their stories.



Exploring The Grounds of Hogwarts

The lovely ladies of Beaux-Baton entertain a crowd of muggles with their ribbon dance.
More of the lovely ladies of Beaux-baton.
An impromptu concert by the Hogwarts Chorus.
The boys of Durmstrang perform some feats of strength.
The gentle Hippogriff sits quietly in it’s nest near Hagrid’s Cottage.

A Side Trip To A Magical Place

Make your way to Platform 9 3/4 at Charing Cross Station and take the express train to Hogsmeade.
If you’re looking for a new hat, be sure to stop by McHavelock’s Wizarding Headgear.
Maestro’s Music Shoppe has everything you need for the musically inclined. From trombones to sheet music to guitar lessons, Maestro’s has it all.
Be sure to stop by Ollivander’s new location in Hogsmeade for the chance to let a wand choose you. The staff is very helpful and friendly.
A great way to waste an afternoon is browsing all of the wonderful confections of Honeyduke’s. Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott’s Beans of Every Flavor and Cauldron Cakes are just a few of the treats awaiting you.
More delicious, sugary treats from Honeyduke’s.
Stop by the Owl Post to send your letter home and get a special cancellation stamp.
You can send anything and everything from The Owl Post. A full range of postal options is available day and night.
The Owlry provides some much needed shade for the hard working birds of the Owl Post. Be careful where you sit.
Even in the heat of Summer, Hogsmeade maintains a fresh blanket of snow.

To The Forbidden Mountain

Overlooking the MountainsEarly Morning in the village of Serka Zhong. Gupta's Gear

As dawn tries to banish the night, I make my way through the desolate village. Other trekkers have already made their way to the local coffee shop and are getting ready for the climb.

The Temple Mandir

Not quite daylight and not still night. A blue light is cast over the temple.

The Trekking Office

The Trekking Office in the village isn’t open for business yet, so I wander around the buildings.

Mr. Panika's Shop

Mr. Panika’s Shop is getting ready. If you can’t find it here, you probably don’t really need it.

Wall of Art ?

I walk through the empty Yeti Museum. The locals have a special relationship with the Protector of the Forbidden Mountain.

THe Yeti Museum

The Yeti

In Search of the Yeti

The land of enchantment holds both magic and terror. The abandoned remains of temples, offer clues to the long lost inhabitants. But the question remains as to why they left.

Long silenced bells, hang quietly in the air, waiting for a chance to ring out. Do they tell of joy and celebration or send a warning ?

The craftsmanship of the people is overwhelmingly beautiful and complex.

What could have caused everyone to vanish so suddenly ?

Could the carvings in this temple offer a clue ?

Darkness falls and the mountain winds cry

Are shadows moving along the mountain ?