24 Hours in Amsterdam

24 hours in my first foreign capital wasn’t ideal for taking in the local scene, but I made the best of it. Taking the train from Schipol Airport, we headed for the city center and started walking toward the canals.

Amsterdam may be known for it’s canals, but it’s also populated with bicycles. Everywhere you go, there are bicyclists speeding down the street looking for pedestrians to run over.

One of the interesting architectural features on Amsterdam’s streets.

A view of the Westerkerk (Western Church) from the canal by the Anne Frank House.

The church was built in the period 1620 – 1631 by builder and architect Hendrick de Keyser. The church tower was designed by builder Jacob van Campen, with it’s 85 meters (about 280 feet) spire it is the highest church tower in Amsterdam.
On the top of the spire is a big blue crown, symbolizing the Imperial Crown of Maximilian I of Austria, ruler of a large part of The Netherlands in the 15th century. From 1906 until 2006 the crown was painted yellow. In 2006 the color of the crown was repainted in its original color blue.
Anne Frank mentions hearing the church bells of the Westerkerk in her diary.

The Black Cafe

The Waffle Wagon outside Schipol Airport. If you have the chance you must try the Stroopwaffel, 2 crispy waffles with sweet syrup in between.

One whirlwind day in Amsterdam, tomorrow we are off to Germany.

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