Random sights in Hamburg

Fire Exit Keep Clear
A Ram statue outside the Galeria Kaufhof on Monckebergstrasse

Colorful facades on Reichenstrasse – O Ren Ishii, a Vietnamese restaurant and Rackow Schule, a language school in Altstadt.
Clock tower on Bei St.Annen.
At the edge of Hamburg’s Counting House District (“Kontorhausviertel”) is Zippelhaus, one of the last of the old-style Counting Houses (“Kontorhauser”) of Hamburg.
Before the 20th Century, Hamburg’s Counting Houses were little more than modern variants of the old Merchant House, in widespread use since the 13th Century: a multi-story townhouse with shop/office space on the first floor or two, above which were several levels of living quarters.
Zippelhaus was one of the last of Hamburg’s old-style Counting Houses, modeled on the Merchant House and built to serve both commercial and residential purposes.
A few years after Zippelhaus was completed, the form and function of Counting Houses changed—they were to become the modern-day office building, pure and simple. After 1900, Counting Houses were built to serve purely commercial purposes, and were placed in purely commercial zones.
Today Zippelhaus (Onion House) is the home of an excellent restaurant.
Asia-Haus – The architect George Radel built this office building for the merchant Theodore Lind in two phases 1900 and 1909. Menacing-looking mask motifs in the richly ornamented facade refer to trade with the Far East.
This inscription on the Fire Station reads…To the glory of God,to the defense (against fire) of your fellow human being (of your neighbor).

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