The Michel

A Statue of Martin Luther stands watch outside of St. Micheal’s. Unlike St Petri, St. Michael’s welcomes visitors and offers a stunning view of the city from it’s bell tower.
St. Michael’s victory over the Devil looms over the main entrance. If this statue doesn’t scare you enough to go to church, I don’t know what will.
If you take the stairs to the bell tower (Instead of the elevator) you get a great view of this work of art from behind.
A massive pipe organ dominates the main Church.
The main Altar
I would suggest you take the elevator UP and the stairs DOWN and not the other way around, it was one long climb.
From the Observation Deck there is another climb even higher. The view was worth the trip.
Looking out towards the ship yard and river.
The view towards the Old City. The Rathaus is the spire on the far left, next is St. Petri’s, St. James and St. Nikolia’s.

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