”Then one day, when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you.” – Ewan McGregor

I have to admit that I have had some amazing opportunities because of my job. This past few months I have had the most wonderful travel adventure. 10 weeks, 12 countries, 2 oceans, 3 ships and thousands of photos. If you have the chance to travel to Northern Europe I recommend flying Scandinavian Air (SAS). The cabin crew was great, the food was better than I had ever had in the air and FRESH BAKED BREAD! You heard it right, FRESH BAKED BREAD. During both meal services, they pass around hot rolls. There must be a tiny bakery in the back of the plane somewhere. There were a couple of stewards in chef’s coats passing out the meals. Not expected but appreciated.

The only downside of my flight from Newark to Copenhagen was my seat neighbors. I try to book a seat the furthest away from anyone else, this flight happened to be full and my seat was 2 rows from the back of the plane. A young mother and child began hovering around my row while an austere Dane paced the cabin pointing out certain seats. When he finally took his seat next to me, with his wife on the opposite end of the row, the stewardess approached me. She said there was an empty seat further forward in the cabin and would I mind moving. I immediately said yes and then she informed me that the seat was not an aisle as I had been sitting in. I said that’s okay, what’s an 8 hour flight sandwiched in between complete strangers. As she helped me with my carry-on she thanked me and told me that I saved them a lot of trouble from the couple next to me.

As we prepared for landing, she asked me if I was travelling onward or staying in Copenhagen. I said I would be in Copenhagen for a few days and she hurried away as we got ready to land. Once we were on the ground she came back holding a trash bag full of something and handed it to me. Thanking me again, she had assembled a goody bag of wine and beer. That couple must have been real pains in the ass, and who am I to turn down free booze.

This was my third trip to Europe having previously visited Amsterdam, Hamberg, Bremerhaven, London and Cadiz. This time I started out in Copenhagen and then returned for a week’s vacation after work was done.

The first day of any trip, I make a point of getting the lay of the land.  Research, Google Maps, Travel Books, Rick Steves are all part of the planning process. In my opinion, the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus has been a great way to get an overview of the city and plan where I want to visit more in depth during my stay.CPH1_-3     Copenhagen is an incredibly walkable city and has great public transportation. Since buying a car becomes with an 180% tax, most residents walk, ride the bus or bike. My hotel – The Richmond was centrally located right near the train station and Tivoli Gardens. CPH1_-255

CPH1_-214      The weather in June was great, unlike the 90+ temps back home, Copenhagen was very comfortable and cool. The days were long and by long I mean sunrise at 4am and sunset at 11:30pm. I found that most people spoke English very well and everyone was friendly and helpful.

After 8 days in Copenhagen, there was still so much to still see. A return trip is definitely in order.



Richmond Hotel

Scandinavian Air

Hop On Hop Off Bus

Visit Copenhagen

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