What’s Your Sign

Long before public schools, shopkeepers would use graphic signs that showed what you can find in their shops. Need a Book, look for a book hanging outside a shop. Looking for shoes, look no further than this shop.CPH1_Bicycle rentals and repair
CPH1_-2An unusual sign outside of a Barber Shop. I’m not sure what the significance of the boot is, but the red and white stripes harken back to the days when Barbers also did blood-letting and other surgical procedures. In addition to getting a quick trim, the friendly Barber could also pull a bad tooth.  CPH1_-38That’s not a pretzel but a Kringle. A Danish pastry filled with almond paste and custard  and topped with sugar and almond flakes. The crown on top signifies that bakery is approved by the King.CPH1_-39A Locksmith works here.CPH1_-40

CPH1_-66BooksellerCPH1_-80Restaurants in NyhavenCPH1_-105CPH1_-107Tattoo Parlor
CPH1_-271British Style PubCPH1_-273Krog’s Restaurant opened in 1910 and is considered one of Copenhagen’s best and most beautiful restaurants. CPH1_-275


The Sailor’s Grave

Charlie’s Bar

Krog’s Fish Restaurant

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