Hummel, Hummel

In Hamburg, Hummel, Hummel was a cranky water carrier. As Hummel would carry water through the streets, the children would run behind him shouting “Hummel, Hummel!” in order to annoy him. Hummel would shout back “Mors, Mors!”, an abbreviation of either “klei di an’n mors!” (go scratch your a**! or “Klei mi an’n Mors” (Kiss my a**! )
in 2003, a hundred figures of Hummel were displayed all over the city.
The original Hans Hummel lived in the early 1800s, and was actually named Johann Wilhelm Bentz. He is said to have worked than any man before him shuffling around Hamburg with his burden. Children of the city mocked him by calling him “bumble-bee

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