The Rathaus

In the center of Hamburg is the ornate Rathaus or City Hall. When the original City Hall was destroyed by fire, the new building took 44 years to build. The Rathaus has rooms numbering 647, the latest room was discovered in 1971 when a document fell behind a filing cabinet and unknown door was found.
Adorning the facade of the building are statues of saints, benefactors, gods and goddesses, real and imaginary animals.
In the Rathaus courtyard is a statue of the Goddess Hygeia. Hygieia as the goddess of health in Greek mythology and its surrounding figures represents the power and pureness of the water. It was built in remembrance of the cholera epidemic in 1892.

One of the unique figures inside the courtyard was this little baker licking his spoon. No one seems to know anything about him or why he is there. Maybe he was the son of the Burgermeister’s Chef and he grew up in the Rathaus kitchen.
Inside, you can take tours in German, French or English.

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